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Sunset Guitar by Cake's Metal Whimsies

Wall Words and Sayings

One of the latest trends is large wall words displaying a number of sayings that reflect beliefs or the general feeling of your home office or business. Words like Gather, Together, Thankful, Believe,Family or Famiglia are our most popular but we can do custom words and phrases as well!

Garden Art

We have a wide variety of garden art and are adding more all the time! From cute little birds to display on your fences, decks or trees to garden markers and signs for you yard.


After the piece is burnished to prepare the surface, our next step is the final finishing. This consists of a few different options. Our most popular finishes are our patinas. These patinas are applied via a chemical dip or spray and then are cleared to seal the metal from the elements. A special UV resistant clear needs to be used for pieces that will be outside, so please let us know if that's the intent for your piece.

We're adding a few more patinas to our list but our most popular are the "Copper", "Flame" and "Bronze". Each finish is completely different depending on the material, burnishing pattern and even the amount of time between coats. Each piece will be unique and the only one truly like it.

Burnished  & Brushed Steel

Burnishing is our first step towards adding some texture or pattens to the metal. After burnishing the steel with various grinders to achieve a certain look, either a clear coat is applied to preserve the look or a color or patina is applied in another step.

Brushed Finish Available
at extra charge.

Paints, Stains & Powder Coats

Another couple of GREAT finishes are our "Lucid" Paints, Color Stains and Powder Coats.

The "Lucid" paints are a translucent color palette that you can see the texture of the burnished metals through. Mainly Reds, Blues, Purples and Greens and have a high impact effect with bright colors.

"Lucid" Paints

Color Stains and Inks

Our Color Stains are very similar to the Lucid Paints, but add a bit more depth and pattern to the finish. Each finish will be completely unique in that they are hand painted and then clear coated.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a system where an electrically charged powder is applied to the piece and then baked at around 400 degrees. The colors are across the spectrum with different textures, effects and finishes available. Satins, glosses, neons, high impact colors, transparents, metalic... you name it, there is a finish available. 

We do farm this out to THE top powder coat company in the area and their finish quality is exceptional! Powder coating is available on custom orders only, at an additional charge.

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