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Sunset Guitar by Cake's Metal Whimsies
Cake's Metal Whimsies Fun Metal Art

Cake's Metal Whimsies started in October, 2016 by the stars aligning just right. Our primary company, Izzy's Custom Cages, LLC is a metal fabriaction shop that specializes in race car fabrication. We had a few products that we had developed that we wanted to put into production. In 2013, we had a CNC plasma table built for us by a local engineer. We began making some brackets and other parts for our customers race cars.


Little did we know that that tool would change our little shop forever. 

We started "Cake's" as a fun and creative outlet for "Izzy's." Realizing that the fun stuff didn't really fit in with the "racing" stuff, Cake's became it's own division (which joined our motorsport trophy and wall art division "") and is quickly becoming the main focus of our company.

In October, 2016 we were approached by Nicole at Rescued Furnishings to make a sign for their new store in downtown St. Louis. In the process of creating the sign, we discussed cutting a line of "wall words" like "gather, family, thankful, home" and we were off and running! The end of 2016 was a whirlwind as we learned all about retail and tried to keep our vendors' shelves stocked!

In 2018, we started hitting quite a few

local craft events and worked on expanding our line. In 2019 we added our new Laser Engraver which allows us to work in even more mediums! 

Our Story

What's with the name?

The name is a bit different isn't it? Our primary company, Izzy's Custom Cages, LLC is actually named after our son, whose middle name is Izador, Izzy for short. After the birth of our daughter, we'd discussed naming another company after her, although we assumed it would be some sort of racing related, retail business. 

16 year old "Cakes"  is turning into her own little entrepreneur. You'll see her out and about at all of the farmers markets and sales events that we attend. Be sure to check out her own line of items that she makes all by herself. Hair ties, flower bombs, and bug repellent candles. She also has a knack for painting our ornaments that always sell first. Her list of items is growing rapidly!

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