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Sunset Guitar by Cake's Metal Whimsies

Fun little Cardinals that mount to your fence top, tree limbs etc. Perfect for those bird lovers especially in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia where it is the state bird.
Also good for those baseball fans who love the Saint Louis or Memphis Cardinals. Let everyone know you are a Redbirds fan and be the envy of your neighbors come opening day! ;)

Cardinals are also thought to be sent from loved ones who are no longer with us. Our Freddy is a thoughtful gift for someone who's had a loved one pass away. 

Comes in translucent red which allows the metal to show through while adding a lot of color!

Available as a fence top version (pictured) or a ground stake version (which also has mounting holes).

We also have several other birds available in another listing. Available bare or with finish.

"Sweetie"  our little hummingbird is getting a drink from a flower (Hummingbird)
"Woody" is ready to make some noise! (Woodpecker)
"Bower" is listening closely
"Hopper" is ready to fly
"Freddy" is waiting for the crack of the bat!
"Peep" is pondering life in the big wide world
"Wren" is looking for that elusive worm.


Bird is about 4" - 5" long

14 gauge, powder coated steel unless bare steel is ordered. Bare Steel versions WILL rust if left to the elements for a very natural look or do a fun craft project with the children/grandchildren to make each one individualized.

Metal Cardinal Bird Yard Art

PriceFrom $12.95
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